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In 2006, we committed ourselves to providing a loving home for the 50 orphans who came to us with pressing medical and emotional needs. In the intervening years, their needs changed, so our response expanded beyond their basic care and into medical, agricultural and educational projects that benefit the entire community. We remain committed to the young people who are growing up in our Home, and we celebrate the wisdom of the local leaders who have helped us be a force for positive change in their lives. 
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In Cura, our children are happy and thriving, in spite of the many challenges each has faced. There is so much we are doing at Cura, but there is more to do!


Donate to one of our projects and help create the best possible environment for our children.
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Contribute your time and skills to help us continue our support of the Cura community.
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Lean more about our four primary project areas: our Home, our Clinic, our Garden, and our Schools. 
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